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  • NO BEEP on Measurement from machine

    Hello everyone,

    I have just updated our Computer from XP (PC-DMIS 2011M1) to Win 7 with 2013MR1 and imported all Settings from Backup. PC-DMIS works but I get no Beeps what so ever from the CMM. Its a Classic 321 gl tp by the way. I just rebooted and checked it with the Win XP Setup and **** did I get a lot of Beeps.

    I assume the Sound Settings (from F10) dont mean anything for the CMM Beeps settings.

    Now I'm a little bit lost and hope some of you have a solution or plenty of ideas.

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    321 GLs don't beep from the machine or the jogbox.

    the beep comes from the computer speakers. So, make sure your speakers are turned up. If not, check your sound card drivers to ensure you're getting sound.

    As long as your machine is taking points like normal and your programs are running fine, the beep is not important.


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      Newer motherboards do not come with a PC speaker. This is probably your problem. Connect some speakers to the audio output of the computer, set it all up and you should be good.


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        Its the same computer, the whole setup is the same. I just updated windows and PC-DMIS. I already checked the Drivers and everything seems to be in place. So I'll have a second look, thanks for the feedback.


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          I learned tha MS changed some Sound Driver, Layer, what ever, since WinXP therefore it is not always possible to use the internal Speaker. Depending on Hardware and how te Sounds are Produced there are some Workarounds, which didn't work for me. Therefore I Settled by installing some cheap External Spaker an it works fine.


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            thanks for posting your solution

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