setting user profile files to read only?

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  • setting user profile files to read only?

    We are running 2012MR1 still on our production CMM's.
    It seems the user profile settings get jacked up if the PCDMIS window gets minimized during execution, then execution ends while still minimized.

    I was entertaining the idea of setting the whole PCDMIS user profile folder & contents to read-only... (C:\users\*username*\AppData\Local\WAI\PC-DMIS\2012 MR1\) to mitigate this messed up view from perpetuating until someone restores the saved window layout.

    Anyone try this before? Will it wreak havoc on PC-DMIS to not be capable of writing to those files?

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    I assume you have reported this as a bug? If not, please do.

    Weird, what effect does the window state of PC-DMIS have on the user files, one might wonder... QA, baby.
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      I would think PC-DMIS would throw a fit about that. Have you tried just using the saved layout toolbar and saving the layout so you can recall it with the press of a button?
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      • louisd
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        Editing a comment
        yes we have a saved layout, and the QA's are trained to click it any time the window looks different. They are also trained to produce the window layout toolbar if it disappears (View->toolbars->window layout).
        --Well, it's in the CMM basic operations work instruction at least... Whether or not they actually know it, is a whole different story.

        If we can hard-lock the window layout so it cannot be changed, I was thinking it would make sure every time a routine is opened, or every time PCDMIS is opened, it would always bring up the correct window layout. It would minimize the frequency of the layout being altered or messed up.
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