Probe too long for probe rack at needed angle

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  • Probe too long for probe rack at needed angle

    Hello all,
    My Leitz Reference XI has a LSPX5/HR-XS probe rack. I need to build a long probe at a 45 degree angle (essentially a90b-135). at this angle the length of the probe causes it to hit the rack on the way to the mount point. Is there any way to change settings so that it travels more distance along the axis that it is leaving the garage from? (in my case this is perpendicular to the X axis, as the front to back axis is X on leitz machines.) if it would travel even 20-25 mm more away from the rack i could get this probe out of the rack at the angle I need. right now i am making do with an extremely shallow angle that does pick up some of the surface, but the mirror image feature on the other side with the probe at a90b-45 works perfectly and gets all the possible surface area I want to measure.
    There is an option in the calibrate--probe changer -- ports -- edit port data -- clearance distances "before dropoff" "before pickup". I changed the numbers to 25, then -25, and then back to zero. It caused all sorts of issue, including the collet hitting the garage. What i would think i need would be an "after pickup" option. "Before dropoff, move this probe to a safe place for the length." "After pickup, move this probe to a safe place for the length before moving to mount point." Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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    What about moving your mount point further away from ur rack?


    • derrickcoyne
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      it needs to move farther away from the garage as it picks up and drops off. it doesn't move to the mount point until after the probe is considered clear for movement. it's the extremely slow motion as it is entering and leaving the garage that needs to have more distance.

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    You should try +100 or +150 mm in the clear distance of the port.
    In addition, if you align the mount point on this port, at the right distance, it could help to avoid crash.

    I've had this kind of probelm with a very long probe at A90B180, I had to add a extension between the cup and the cube, to avoid crash in the port...
    Hope this helps.
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