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  • Low Force Probe for Flatness

    Hello, I have a piece of poly styrene with L=17", W=7", thickness 0.050". I use 1MM cylinder probe for checking 0.190" holes ID and measure flatness. The problem is the part is so thin, the probe actually pushes the surface down prior to acknowledge the contact points. My CMM is B&S Global performance 555 with M2 touch probe. Can anyone recommend better type of probe? I thank you in advance.

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    Got an indexable head? Rotate up to A60 or A75 to take the flatness hits.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      I would use a regular probe. I’ve never had much luck dealing with cylinder probes. At worst, I would use a shank probe but be care when you go to calibrate. You have to make certain you’re coming in normal to the sphere.


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        As Matthew D. Hoedeman sait, turning the probe will decrease the probing force.
        In the same way, using a long stylus will decrease the effort.
        More the ball will be large, less the Hertz pressure will be important.

        If you measure with a TP20 or Tesastar-p, take a low force module, and turn the head to have the minimal force up side A60B0 or A-60B180 doesn't give the same force on ttp...

        You can play with those parameters.


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