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    I'm sure this has been covered before but I can't find it this morning.
    Profile 0.1 / 10
    Where the engineer is trying to control abrupt changes in the form over a given area.
    How have the experts been dimensioning this in V2013.1?

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    Line profile - the oldest version I have readily available is 2016, and there you just enter it in the line profile FCF. I don't remember which version introduced that…
    Surface profile - doesn't have it.

    Without the immediate solution available, I would suggest collecting points on the profile into a group (scan), density at least 3 pts/10, preferrably more. Then dimension profile of every possible (overlapping) subscan (SCN1.HIT[1..3], SCN1.hit[2..4], etc.).

    Becoming overwhelming if it really is surface profile you need...

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    • BKulpa
      BKulpa commented
      Editing a comment
      It seems that's available for line profile in V2016 which I use offline, but not surface profile.
      The machine is going to be using V2013.1.
      I guess I'm going to scan approx. 10mm segments on the surface overlapping segments, do a form only profile for each section.

      That option does seem available in V2013.1
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    I used this option in V2013.1 and it seemed to work well.


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      If they want surface profile, shouldn't there also be a value in the other direction, like "10x10"?
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        I'm pretty sure it is not valid to specify per unit for surface profile. Certainly in ISO it is only valid for line profile.
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