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    What are the probing forces like with this probe?

    Can you use regular M3 stylii (or M2 with a M3 to M2 converter) or do you need the tungsten carbide M3's?

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    I can't speak on the force used but I have use one in the past and you can use pretty much any style of probe build that you want that is within the limits of the X1
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      the only thing that i see is different is the magnet that holds the pucks on seems stronger on the H scanning body


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        That's parameters that I use :

        ProbeTriggerForce 0,0396
        ProbeLowerForce 0,0192
        ProbeUpperForce 0,072
        ProbeMaxForce 0,096
        ScanAcceleration 10
        ScanOffsetForce 0,06
        ProbeReturnSpeed 0,4
        SP6MTXLowerForce_LSPX1H 0,0096
        SP6MTXMaxForce_LSPX1H 0,24
        SP6MTXUpperForce_LSPX1H 0,12

        In comparison, those of the SP600 :
        ProbeTriggerForce 0,12
        ProbeLowerForce 0,06
        ProbeUpperForce 0,18
        ProbeMaxForce 0,36
        ScanAcceleration 10
        ScanOffsetForce 0,12
        ProbeReturnSpeed 1
        SP6MTXLowerForce_SP600 0,18
        SP6MTXMaxForce_SP600 0,54
        SP6MTXUpperForce_SP600 0,36

        I use classical M3 or M2, and some M4 and M5, after modifying the cups...


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          I use a 0.5mm probe with a fairly long shank and it measures very accurately, though I don't use this probe much because it's pricey and delicate (haven't broke one yet, knock on wood). No flexing/overload issues that I can tell. Forces remind me of that of a Tp200 though going on faded memory of the old Tp200 that I haven't used in many years.
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            Awesome thanks!
            Automettech - Automated Metrology Technology


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              Analog Probe Forces Silver - FDC.pdf


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                just got that from hexagon

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