Does PC-Dmis require Java for normal operations?

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  • Does PC-Dmis require Java for normal operations?

    Our IT department is potentially going to "lockdown" Java in the near future and I'd like to know if PC-Dmis requires Java for any reason.
    I tried doing a search and couldn't find anything that was definitive. Looks like some people use Java for custom scripts, but I couldn't tell if these were built off existing scripts or not.
    Global S Blue 555, HH-A-T-7.5, HP-S-X1H
    (2) Global Image PH10M+, SP25, FCR25-L6 CAD++ 2019R1SP10
    MicroExel pfx uha PH6, TP200 CAD++2019R1 SP10

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    The documentation system uses Javascript. If you have created automation scripts using Java this could be an issue. General pc-dmis usage does not require Java. Maybe one of our tech support people will have more info.


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