Use a new header on standard text only report

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  • Use a new header on standard text only report

    Is there a way to use the standard text only report but use a different header and without altering the report for other programs, that use the standard header that comes with the report. TIA
    3.7mr3CAD++ / 2011mr1CAD++/2012mr1CAD++/QUINDOS7

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    Take a copy of the report template (.rtp file) and name it something different.

    Edit the report and change the rule tree to use a different/modified header label.

    From the report window use the template selection dialog to locate the new report - you can click the default button to make it the default report for that program.

    I've started to produce a range of tutorial videos on my website but I don't think I'm allowed to link to them.

    I'll PM you the address - the first two videos should point you in the right direction.

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      Right click on the header in the Report Window, select "Change Template..." and select the label template you want to use as header. This 'mod' is stored in the part program, and only changes things for this program.
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      • NinjaBadger
        NinjaBadger commented
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        Woah! Really?!?! Well that just goes tho show what I know doesn't it! (Or not as the case may be!)

      • AndersI
        AndersI commented
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        Maybe you need a PC-DMIS new enough, I don't remember if it was there from the beginning…

        You can also hide selected [part] labels, like the summary of an FCF TP.

      • Kp61dude!
        Kp61dude! commented
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        I use this method. I have a text ONLY report that's output in RTF. I created a label that is blank and created a header purely out of report comments including a header with company name and "CMM REPORT".

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      Thanks for that Anders Like NinjaBadger I thought that it would change the template for all programs, but I just tested it and it's program specific. I'm working in 2012mr1.
      3.7mr3CAD++ / 2011mr1CAD++/2012mr1CAD++/QUINDOS7


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