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  • Building quick fixture elements

    Is there any option to build quick fixture elements, like Tru-Pos locators?
    And is there a way to modify the existing fixture elements?
    I have trouble rotating standoffs and would prefer to be able to modify a file to have them already turned 90° and such.

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    This isn't actually the direct answer to your question but it's what I do.

    I import my part CAD into MasterCam and translate it to the position it's in in DMIS then add and locate my setup CAD there. After that, I separate the part and setup CAD on different levels, turn the part CAD level off and save that as a step file. From there I import that CAD into DMIS on a separate level and, if done correctly, the setup CAD will import perfectly on the part CAD. So far it hasn't failed me yet. This works best for me because we use some setup pieces that aren't in the quick fixture library so I created my own CAD for those. I also find it easier to manipulate the CAD in MasterCam.

    Like I said, not a direct answer but another way to do setup CAD.

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      Is the user defined import option not sufficient?

      Can you build and import standoffs rotated every 90°?


      • BKulpa
        BKulpa commented
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        I have trouble with them wanting to rotate a odd angles, and not being able to get them to rotate just a straight 90° from the imported position.
        I'll admit I don't use this function much but I'd like to implement it more often.

      • RandomJerk
        RandomJerk commented
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        BKulpa Yeah, I was having problems with the rotation also, it's too easy to screw it up with the right mouse drag. I started to make sure I checked/selected the No rotate option, and using the square up function is handy.

        It's a good tool with a kloogie GUI.

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      I tried using the square up option but nothing seemed to happen.


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        What I do when creating a fixture is the following. I build the fixture and use the save option on the quick fixture toolbar, looks like a floppy disk. This allow the fixture to be saved as a .draw file. I then import my cad and the fixture using a merged import. The cad transform dialog will now allow each item to be adjusted. The cad can be "snapped" to the fixture. To get to cad transform you need to display the cad assembly dialog. Right clicking on any assembly item allows access to cad transform.


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