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  • Menu bar only showing "FILE"

    So this is a new one for me in all the years....God I hate PCDMIS sometimes.

    Menu bar is only showing "FILE" and when I click and close are the only options. My menu bar is not missing....its completely void of any options.


    I dont have time for this crap, not today.

    Anyone? Its 2016 with all the service packs.

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    Just zap your user settings. c:/users/your userid/AppData/Local/WAI (or hexagon)/PC-DMIS/your version/
    just cut all the contents and paste them someplace else.
    open pcdmis to confirm that fixes it.
    then you can start moving any files you want back in there one by one (with pcdmis closed). confirm it doesn't fubar your screen each time you move a file back.


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      Will try...thanks!


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        Turned out to be the menu_eng file

        Cut and pasted it into another folder. Started the demon.....and it was back as normal. No custom layouts affected.

        Thank you.


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