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  • "Relative To" issue...

    I am having an issue in using the "Relative To" option. For example I create and measure an edge point and an adjacent surface point which is nominally 1 MM from the edge. I have set the surface point to be relative to the edge point. It is my understanding that the surface point in this scenario should always then be taken 1 MM away from the edge. Let's say I have an edge point nominally at 10 MM in the +Y axis and is actually measured at 10.5 MM. My surface point should be taken at 9.5 MM. I have noticed that setting the "Relative To" is not working as I understand it to. When reviewing the actuals the surface point is being taken taken at the original nominal location as if the "Relative To" has no effect. Any ideas here? Thanks!
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    Found the solution. I had RMEAS set to default and had to change to legacy. It is now working as I intended it to.


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