Tight profile - How to allow axial variance per print?

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  • Tight profile - How to allow axial variance per print?

    Hi all,
    See the attached...hopefully, I've never tried to upload anything here.
    Assuming there will be an issue with the image upload, I would describe this part (for example) as the outlet of a horn / or trumpet / or tuba. The profile question I have is for a profile on the inside arc of that trumpet outlet. The FCF is Profile of a surface / 0.002/ A / B where -A- is the face of the trumpet outlet and -B- is the O.D. of that outlet. What I don't know how to accomplish is to allow for the print note on this profile FCF stating " Axial location may vary an additional 0.003" either side of true position in relation to -A- (the plane datum / face of the trumpet outlet).
    I am looking for advice on how to check / report the tight profile of this part (0.002) and allow for the axial location of this profile to vary within 0.006".
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    Just a shot.... report profile, form only, to .002, then best fit the profile allowing Z translation and rotation around Z, report that form and location to .006


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      Create an alignment based on the datum scheme. Construct a point at the origin. Assuming datum A is facing Z, create a best fit alignment using Z translation only. Report profile form only .002. Report the Z position of the origin point you made ±.003 in the Z axis.
      PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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        Thank you for your replies, I will give them a shot.


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