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    We are currently looking at options to replace our scheduling software for our cnc mills. We have our Makinos automated so that a robot loads and unloads pallets from a rack. Our scheduler takes the posted code from the programmer and adds pallet change commands and various other necessities. I'd like to be able to find a scheduling software that would also communicate with the cmm so that I could have it load parts directly into the cmm. I'd like to see if anyone has done something like this and what kind of software they are using.

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    I imagine you'd be looking at a custom utility for something like that.

    I worked on one (this one I can't take credit for but I'd love to have a go at making one) many years ago. The parts were palletised with RFID chips on them.

    A robot loaded the part to the machine tool, when the cycle was complete the manager program triggered the part to be unloaded and transferred to the CMM. The CMM checked the part and graded it - good, bad, or reworkable.

    Good and bad were unloaded to separate areas, whilst the reworkable ones were reloaded to the machine tool with the necessary offsets written to the RFID chip - they were then rechecked on the CMM after being re-machined.
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