CMM does not work after calibration

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  • CMM does not work after calibration

    The following situation occurred during the shift. There was a strong deviation during the last measurement, after which it was decided to calibrate the probe. During calibration, the machine went the other way from the sphere. We canceled the calibration and tried to bring the cmm to zero, but it produced the following error: Error CE, S%1, TR_CE .0x14000034 Command argument out of limit.
    I clicked the OK button to see the coordinates of the home position and they were x: 1.034 / y: -8.1141 / z: -9.0364
    An interesting point, when moving the pinole along Z, displacing it by 2-3 cm, according to the coordinates of cmm it shifts by 0.5-0.7 mm Untitled.png

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    If you restart the CMM, does it "home" correctly?
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o23.1


    • Vladimir
      Vladimir commented
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      No, after restarting the machine does not get a little to home position and again this error crashes

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    There are some older posts about this error, here is one of them


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      Maybe a problem of units (inches instead of mm) ?


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        Many thanks to everyone for participating.
        A service engineer arrived and, according to him, the problem was that the SF module does not work correctly, which is why a number of settings got lost during the measurement. And this led to such consequences.


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          Thanks for the update. It is always nice to hear what was the fix.
          Time for the Trolls to leave.


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