CMM Probe in offline mode incorrect size

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  • CMM Probe in offline mode incorrect size

    This might not be a big deal, but is there any way to change was the probe looks like in offline mode to reflect its actual size. I'm using a 3mm x 30 probe and a 0.3mm x 30 probe and they both look the same during programming and simulation. It's kind of a pain to take hits in these tiny holes when I'm programming the 0.3mm probe and it looks like the 3mm probe.

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    Verify the LOADPROBE command for the 0.3mm probe is indeed inserted in the program code.
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      Yes, it is correct.


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        Something must be wrong in the definition of the 0.3 x 30. It seems that one is not included in a standard PC-DMIS (at least not with my setup), the closest I have is 0.5 x 21 and they definitely look different:

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          I figured it out. Apparently, when building the probe, I had the 3mm ball selected, even though I named it 0.3mmx30mm. My bad.


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            remove the decimal place from the probe naming convention. HUGE no-no. Letters_Numb3rs_Underscores only.

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