Issues moving from 2018r1 to 2019r1

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  • Issues moving from 2018r1 to 2019r1

    First off, hello, I'm new to the forum. I have been programming PCDMIS for 3 years, but have really ramped up the level of programming in the last 5 months. I have the level 1 and 2 training from hexagon.

    I recently updated the software from 2018r1 to 2019r1 SP3. It was my first time doing this, as previously there was a different guy that was lead on the CMM's. After updating I am now finding a few issues here and there in "proven" programs, when the measurement routine is finished we insert a few move points to bring the probe up and to the back of the machine, to get it out of our way for part loading. For some reason the upgrade to 2019 has it trying to move out of the machine limits, and I get a "TR_OUTOL, Machine Parameter out of Tolerance !" Error.

    The set up is a clear plane move which works fine, then an incremental Z+100mm, followed by a move point to <-500,800,475>

    The problem starts with the incremental move, and doesn't seem to go away no matter how short I make it. The part is not tall so it is definitely not going to overtravel.

    I guess I'm trying to figure out if there is a setting that might have changed in the switch to 2019 that makes it move relative to the part? Or is there something else going on and I'm just blind?


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    The move increment will move relative what ever axis you are telling it to move.The machine must think that it does not have room to travel that far in the Z + direction if that was the problem..(try to put your curser on just the move increment line and do a ctrl+E and execute just that line of code) if it wont work then to lessen the Z amount ..If you want the Cmm to move to a point after this and relative to the Cmm Home Position You would need to recall the start up alignment before the Move point and say no.
    I am sure that this is probably the root cause..Pc-dmis reads ahead and this will cause it to error out..Traveling to those numbers in your program alignment is probably out of travel limits..
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