Reporting out of tolerance results in yellow

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  • Reporting out of tolerance results in yellow

    Hi all,

    very new here. i am working on a new part that we haven't made before, and since we're still in the beginnings of the project i was asked if i can somehow report some of the results in yellow-not as in OOT. Give them a bit of extra tolerance i guess.
    For example - i have a True Position called out .003 to A and B datums. So whenever it is over .003 it will show OOT, but they want me to show it in yellow if it's not over .01. I'm not sure i'm explaining it well. is there any IF/GOTO commands i can use or something?

    Any help is greatly appreiciated

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    Why yellow ? RED is usually reserved for out of tolerance conditions. Out is out. Why some arbitrary amount of "out" to be used to trigger a condition ? It ok to tell the monkeys no from time to time. Out is out.
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      Go To View/Other Windows/ Dimension Colors


      This will Pop up Right click on it, This Window will popup you can change the color as you want


      Apply Colors, Refresh your report

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        If you do it the way KIRBSTER269 describes, this will apply to all of your dimensions in the program, meaning that any OOT dimension would show up yellow on the report. Why not just let it show up red and insert a report comment explaining that "per my boss, up to .010 is acceptable" or something along those lines? I would still want it to be obvious that the dimension violates the print


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          I'd save the routine as a different filename "product development", and change the spec to 0.010.
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            Thank you all,
            i did tell them the only possibility would be to just change my tolerance but i don't want to do that because then it would not conform to the print. The results are used to improve our processes before we have a finished part (so none of these reports are going anywhere, still doesn't make any sense why they want it to not show oot, but thought i'd ask the experts). I will just keep it and Report a comment like Mike Ruff said. Thank you


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