Piezo Touch Error While Calibrating

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  • Piezo Touch Error While Calibrating

    Hi all,

    New member to the forum here and just started programming CMM's. My company hired me 3rd shift to measure and program on night shift while I go to school so I don't have a ton of support on my shift.

    Once in a while I run into a Piezo touch error and it is usually when the part is able to wobble(Using superglue to hold most our parts). Tonight I experienced it while calibrating for one of our programs. The total calibration has 60 or 70 tip angles all on 1 probe and any angle that had an angle of 15 or 90 (in both A and B) would error out. Any ideas on how to get around this? This calibration worked fine every day for the last month or so. Any help is appreciated!

    Cordax RS50
    PH10MQ, TP7M, 50mm ext, 1x20

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