Beggining to practice on CMM Global Performance

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  • Beggining to practice on CMM Global Performance

    How to hide/delete this?

    We only want to see the probe.
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    To hide the probe components, go into the probe menu and double click on the component you want to hide (the section at the bottom left of the menu) and a screen will pop up where you can check/uncheck show component. It'll hide everything up to that component.

    To hide that mess of labels, right click on it and click hide all labels.


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      in edit window, click F9 on the "LOADPROBE" command to edit the probe.
      Then, double-click on the line just above your EXTEND40MM entry, Uncheck "DRAW THIS COMPONENT". voila.
      if you want to hide just the probe head/wrist, do the same thing a few lines higher up.


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        To say you only want to see the probe technically means you don't want to see the measured features and labels. The probe is the entire probe head to stylus build. To do this after features are measured right click on a feature and select hide all features.
        Is that want you want, or as others have guessed above, do you want to only see the probe stylus and not the head?

        To get good help you really need to ask accurate clear questions.
        PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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