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    I keep getting a probe error when I go to calibrate my tips. It is "Improper Probe Installed: BHM9 A0.0, B0.0" A little L above the last 0.

    It will let me hit ok and continue with the calibration of the probes but i do not know if I trust it.

    What does this error mean?

    Thank you, Probe error.jpg

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    Check for loose cables between the machine controller and the PH9 probe head controller. Shut off both controllers then power up.
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      First thought when I saw this was "I wonder if OP is running a Sheffield controller, and I wonder if they also switch between TTP and analog..."

      Because I get this all the time, particularly when I abort a scan. About the only thing I can do is turn off the computer AND controller, reboot, and rehome.


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        I think that might be the problem. I have a PH10T head


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          For Sheffield machines the PC-DMIS setting for telling it you have a PH10 (T,M,Q, don't matter) is "HasPh9"=TRUE (story, bro)

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