Profile call out in addition to model tolerance

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  • Profile call out in addition to model tolerance

    i added this to some previous posts that I had made but they are getting a little old, so I doubt anyone will see them. I am to report form and location on a profile call out. My model has a tolerance zone coming away from datum a. I was under the impression that a profile had to have basic dimensions to locate it. But there is a perfect example in asme 14.5 showing it can be. When I put that into pc dmis for form and location, it is going to call it bad everytime if the location is more than .08 above or below my model. I understand what the drawing implies. I can manipulate pc dmis with a customized drf or a composite profile and allow my profile to fall in that tolerance zone with a good number. Not allowed to do that though. Has to be like drawing called out. What am I not understanding?

    If if you can’t see my picture, it is from p. 170 in the 1994 14.5m standard. I don’t think that has changed since then with the 2009.
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    Is it because that is a line profile call out? Surface profile does have to have basic dimensions to it? The line profile is just for the longitudinal callout?


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      It doesn't matter if it's a line or a surface. If the drawing says profile of a line then you will have to profile more than one cross section.
      I would profile form and location for 40 ±0.5 dimension and profile form only for 0.16|A|B separately


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