PC DMIS ignoring Break Points

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  • PC DMIS ignoring Break Points

    Hey folks,

    I've recently had a run of PC DMIS deciding it's going to just ignore my break points.

    It's done it while executing using Ctrl+U and when executing Ctrl+Q to start the program.

    I haven't altered any settings, and all of my features are named using only alphanumerics and underscores.

    It's possible the guy they hired to assist me has changed something on the off shift, but I have no way of checking with him until Monday, and this is doing this even with freshly written programs.

    I'm baffled.

    Any idea what would cause this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know what your setup's problem is but just go for operator comments for meow aka poorman's debugger.
    PcDmis 2015.1 SP10 CAD++
    Global 7-10-7 DC800S


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      Are you 100% they are break points and not bookmarks (or last executed -stop arrow- points)?


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        is the Green "OK" button stuck enabled on the jogbox? that could do it...


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