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  • 2019 R2__Huge Issue


    Issued fixed. I reached out to a colleague..he recommended I go into settings editor & reset the user. I did and I am now up and running. I am still unclear as to why this happened..nonetheless all is well.

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    Hi all,

    Yesterday while writing a program, the software crashed. I re-opened PC DMIS & am now experiencing the following:

    1) The beginning screen of PC DMIS no longer looks like the new 2019 R2 page. It now looks like the gray screen from 2019R1. (Pic below.)
    2) If I open a program and go to work on it, the software is acting very laggy. I have a good computer, it shouldn't be like this

    I restarted my computer and the software multiple times and still see the issue. Figured I'd reach out here before submitting a help desk ticket. Any thoughts?


    Don Ruggieri cvelisetty
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    More and more people are having to Reset User, I wonder why...


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      This takes away any motivation I was feeling to upgrade from 2019 R1...


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