Upgrade from 2017 R2 to 2019

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  • Upgrade from 2017 R2 to 2019

    We are currently running 2017 R2 and would like to upgrade to 2019 however i wasnt sure if we are able to skip 2018 altogether without issue. Some software I worked with in the past did not like having releases skip and would fail. Has anyone done this or know if we can skip 2018 safely? I saw a post saying its ok to skip service packs so Im assuming this would work. However assuming pc-dmis will work the way I think has burned me before. Thank you.

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    Yes! You can skip without issues. Just make sure you save everything or keep the earlier version handy. That’s what we do.


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      Much appreciated.

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    Hello PH8IL ,

    You can upgrade to the latest version without any worries. There are many such customers who liked the latest versions and upgraded all the way from older versions. Make sure you have back up of all your programs and stuff that are related to PC-DMIS.

    Krishna Chaitanya Velisetty
    Metrology Software Applications Specialist,
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.


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