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    I am a beginner programmer working on Sheffield CMM.

    I am trying to calibrate a probe at different angles at the same time but the software detects collision as It is a manual probe holder and I have to change the angles myself.

    What would be the best way to calibrate different angled probes at the same time if possible.

    Please suggest.

    Thank you,

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    Do you mean it isn't prompting you to rotate the probe head between qualifications? Which manual head do you have?

    The probe build file should recognize that it's a manual head, though given it's a Sheffield machine there's another possibility. Go to the settings editor and look under USER_Machine for a setting called "HasPH9" (for others reading, this applies if it's a PH9 or PH10). If that value isn't set to 0, change it to 0, save, exit.


    • hari92
      hari92 commented
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      Thanks for your response. Even before executing the qualification, it asks me to do collision check and its failing their and I am assuming that i am not going to get prompt. Is it recommendable to do each angle seperately or is there way to do it all at same time.

      I will try the option you mentioned and post my results.

      Thank you again.

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    We use Renishaw MH20I head.


    • RandomJerk
      RandomJerk commented
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      There should be no issue with that probe head. Forget collision detection for this, you don't need it. Select the tips to qualify, run through as normal. It should finish one angle then prompt you to rotate to the next angle. When you do, make sure you put the probe in an area where it can reach the qualification sphere.

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    Thank you .


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