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  • What is a master probe

    I do not have a probe rack and that is the only time i have ever heard about a master probe. I have never had an issue with calibrating at any company I've ever worked at this is my third day and a new shop I can't get the standard deviation to pass calibration but yet it only says two tenths so I jump on the forums and I keep hearing a bunch of people talk about master probes the way that I normally do it when I come in the morning open it up get to the calibration window hit Mark used measure and measure then when they window comes up I have always clicked yes use DCC but I think that may have corrupted my profiles at this new company

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    Originally posted by acgarcia View Post
    You should only have 1 master probe per CMM. You can designate any probe/tip to be the master. A master probe is generally a short stylus with a large ball diameter like. 5x10 that is used for locating the cal sphere and is the first probe to calibrate. That means when u calibrate your probes, use the master probe first with either “YES MANUAL HIT” or “YES DCC” never “NO”. The calibrate all your other probes and angles answering “NO” only.

    This makes all your other probes relative to the master probe.

    Now on your master probe, you can have a master tip or angle on it if it’s a star probe or indexing head.

    If you have a star probe only, tip 1 can be the master tip used to find the sphere and tips 2-5 will be answered”NO” when calibrating.

    If u have an indexing head, A0B0 will be the master angle and other other angles will be answered “NO” when calibrating.

    in your case, you have 3 separate probes in your rack? Designate 1 as the master probe answering yes manual or yes Dcc only on this probe. The other probes and angles get no when answering the calibration question. The master probe is also used to calibrate the rack, well at least that’s how I do it.

    if you share a CMM make sure you both now how to properly calibrate probes when creating them or new ones.
    Quoted because it's on the money, and I couldn't have said it better.

    All I did was search for it.
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