Standard deviation exceed limit during calibration

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  • Standard deviation exceed limit during calibration

    Good afternoon everyone I need some help I recently took a new programming job and I'm running into some issues first day I was able to run one part in calibrate to probes one was a 2 mmball x 40 with a 40mm extension on a extended Force tp20 the other probe . 5 mm ball x 10 x 20 ext. In both of these probes calibrated okay after the second time of calibration the first time it failed standard deviation but the readout says it's .0003. Then the next day I couldn't get a single probe calibrated that wasnt 4 mm ball x 20. I've looked in the setup window in the calibration page and it says standard deviation .0002 is what its set for I keep getting the error standard deviation exceed limit I know it could be in the millions off and be rejected but I have never had this issue before does anybody know would it might be. I have recreated profiles then manual hit to locate the tool rented in DCC when it's low rent at fast small probes big probes everything only some probes will calibrate and not give me this message

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    What touch speed are you using to calibrate? With the extensions, maybe it's too fast to calibrate accurately? Slow your touch speed during calibration and give it another try.

    Just remember: Whatever the speed is that you calibrated the probe to is the speed you're going to have to touch off the part in EVERY PROGRAM, in order to maintain accuracy.


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      What woild do u use with a 2mm x 40 x 40 on a extended force tp 20. And how many points on the sphere do you normally do.


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        Touchspeed is normally 2mm per second and I use 25 points on 3 levels for every tip

        1 mm per second for 1.5 mm rubies and smaller


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