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  • Partial printing of cmm report

    Hello fellow CMM users,

    I have measured one part completely and after a week my quality manager and engineer is asking me to provide additional data using different datum and they want to have graphical representation (CADGRAPH=BOTH AND INSERT -->REPORT COMMAND --> SCREEN CAPTURE for picture) of specific features.

    I am doing this at the end of the program I have used a week ago to check the part and I only want to print the data WITH PICTURES rather than printing the whole report. so instead of printing all 90 pages of report, I only want to print pages 80 -90. I have tried using the partial execution but as soon as it crosses the screen capture command, it overwrites the old image with the current view of cad. and I have 20 true positions that needs to be reported along with pictures and if I execute them using partial execution, they all images are replaced with the current CAD window view.

    Is it possible to print pages 80-90 only with the original images so I can show all 20 true positions and their individual graphical representation on the report?

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    You can F3 those sections in the program which pertain to those dimensions you don't want included in the report.

    You highlight it, and the program ignores it without deleting it.
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      If you have issues with F3 not hightlighting and are using marked sets you have to make sure that under F5 you have "lock marked sets" unchecked.


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        You could always print to PDF all 90 pages. Then open the PDF and print just the pages you want.
        PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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