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    Release Notes - 2019 R1 SP5
    • PCD-150627 - Fixed an issue where the measurement routine stopped at the
    first COP/OPER,EMPTY command when you executed an offline
    measurement routine in simulation mode.
    • PCD-153098 - Fixed an issue with the Romer Absolute RA8 arm where no
    sound occurred when you selected the Beeping on check box for the POINT
    AUTOTRIGGER command.
    • PCD-154458 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you deleted a multi-section
    scan and then pressed Ctrl + S to save the measurement routine.
    • PCD-156784 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you used a 4 bit-per-pixel
    bitmap for the CAD texture.
    • PCD-156814 - Fixed an issue where the Safe Moves Insertion Report dialog
    box was not able to display the entire list when the list contained more items
    than it could fit in the dialog box. The Safe Moves Insertion Report dialog
    box now displays a vertical scroll bar.
    • PCD-158399 - Corrected an issue where the Pointcloud Surface Colormap
    groups were not visible when you marked the Select check box from the
    CAD controls area.
    • PCD-158582 - Corrected an issue where you were not able to re-open an
    inspection routine that contained a CAD model and the Leica Tracker LAS
    without first exiting PC-DMIS.
    • PCD-158714 - Fixed an issue where offline pointcloud simulation did not
    work for the Quick Scan execution.
    • PCD-161289 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you tried to calibrate
    additional tips after a tool changer calibration.
    • PCD-161372 - Corrected a delay issue that occurred when you had a probe
    with a Hexagon Absolute Arm (RA8) and showed the results in the wrist
    display. Also, a new ArmWristDisplayActive registry entry was added that
    allows the user to disable the wrist display in PC-DMIS.
    • PCD-161375 - Fixed a crash that occurred with a Laser probe and active
    Vision view.
    • PCD-161528 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you selected the Scan Done
    button while you executed a contact scan with a Portable arm without taking
    any hits.
    • PCD-161529 - Fixed a crash that occurred at times when you executed a
    Pointcloud Surface Colormap within a Loop command.
    • PCD-161965 - Fixed an issue where a scan was simulated when the scan
    command was created but not inserted at the right position.
    • PCD-162745 - Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when you selected the
    colormap function from the Pointcloud or Mesh Operator dialog box after
    the selection of another function.
    • PCD-162816 - Corrected an issue for the AT-960 Tracker with a T-Probe
    where the A button would take hits indefinitely when you set the
    measurement mode to either Continuous Distance or Continuous Time.
    You can now start and stop the continuous scan.
    • PCD-163006 - Fixed an issue for the Pointcloud Surface Colormap and
    Pointcloud Point Colormap where the minus tolerance was grayed out.
    • PCD-163768 - Fixed an issue where box-selecting XYZ data missed points.
    • PCD-163895 - Fixed an issue where you found a plane feature nominal on a
    transformed CAD model that would result in incorrect results.
    • PCD-165133 - Fixed an issue with the online Help where the browser opened
    two tabs when you pressed F1.
    • PCD-167532 - Fixed an issue with the scroll bar in the Datum Definition
    dialog box.
    • PCD-168388 - Removed the SMX Laser Faro Tracker option from images and
    content in this topic of the Portable Help:
    • PCD-169328 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS did not pass the surface ID to
    the command when you created a 3D Laser QuickFeature and had to re-pick
    the CAD surface from the Laser Auto Feature dialog box.
    • PCD-169386 - Fixed an issue where the points went to the wrong surface
    when you picked point pairs in a pointcloud to CAD alignment. This issue
    depended on the view orientation.
    • PCD-171518 - Removed the Allow Multi-Select, Show Selection Position,
    and Pretend the Filter Work check boxes from the Datum Definition and
    XactMeasure GD&T dialog boxes.
    • PCD-172202 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS did not obey marked set output
    settings when it executed a marked set.
    • PCD-172572 - Fixed an expression issue that caused FCFPOS1.TP.DEV to not
    report the DEV value.
    • PCD-173227 - Fixed an issue for laser auto cylinders and spheres where the
    CAD offset value was incorrectly applied for inch units.
    • PCD-173264 - Fixed a timer functionality for the CMM-OS interface.
    • PCD-173687 - Fixed an issue that occurred when you executed toolkit
    module features.
    • PCD-173721 - Fixed an application error that occurred when you created a
    linear open scan with a CWS probe, and the Measure option was selected in
    the Linear Open Scan dialog box.
    • PCD-173892 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you edited the FCF Profile of
    a line.

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