2019 R2 Graphical Issue

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  • 2019 R2 Graphical Issue

    This has been happening a few times. Not really a big deal. When I select an XACTMeasure dimension from the toolbar, the window that appears will be black except for the feature list and some other things. As I move my mouse over some of the other window elements they will appear. The blackness only goes away once I click inside the window.

    This has happened in Cylindricity, Parallelism, and Total Runout so far. I opened a program, clicked Total Runout, and had the issue. Closed the program, reopened, and the problem doesn't exist. It seems intermittent.


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    Are you using a 4K monitor?


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      Classy! What's your graphics card & other PC spec's? Asking because I'm sure whoever pursues this, will want to know.


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        rjurca It is not a 4K monitor.

        louisd Intel Xeon QuadCore 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro K620 (2GB)

        Don Ruggieri The bogginess is coming back after you had initially had me Reset User. It worked great for a while. My specs are matching the recommended requirements. I have tried playing with OpenGL settings to help with issues, but it's all of PC-DMIS, not just the CAD window. The menu bar options are very delayed. If I may ask, what are the specs on a typical developers PC @ Hexagon? Is it that they are so far above some of ours that this delay is not detected?
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          according to the website, that's plenty of hardware, and THE graphics card to use.

          I remember older versions, way back to 3.7 days, having absolutely no hardware support for certain graphics cards.

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        Originally posted by JacobCheverie View Post
        I have tried playing with OpenGL settings
        When in OpenGL settings, verify that PC-DMIS is actually using your NVidia card - you may need to go into the NVidia Control panel and tell it explicitly that PC-DMIS may/should use the card, else it may run on the 'integrated graphics' or whatever is also available on the computer. This may be needed after each update of the pcdlrn.exe. The integrated Graphics can be permanently disabled in the BIOS configuration, I believe.
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          Everything seems to check out within the OpenGL settings and in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

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