Using Barcode Scanner to Open Programs

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  • Using Barcode Scanner to Open Programs

    I am trying to set up barcode scanners on our CMMs so that when the operator puts a part on the fixture, they will scan the part and it will automatically open the proper program. If this kind of thing possible? I have seen some people using scanners to add data via comments, but is it feasible to scan a part and have it open the corresponding program?

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    Interesting, how many parts do you plan on running on the CMM?


    • zachzwp
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      We have about 15-25 different programs we use regularly.

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    Hexagon sells a barcode frontend called JoBarcode, I think - better check with AndersI
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      JoBarcode is an old program, and only supported on the Nordic market. Take a look at Inspect instead - it's part of the PC-DMIS installation if you have a recent version.

      I think both programs currently have the same limitation - the barcode must be the part program name. JoBarcode will not change, Inspect is actively updated, and you can suggest improvements on the userecho pages,
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      • zachzwp
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        I will check out Inspect. Thanks!

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      Some companies using JoBarcode have produced a paper folder, with part descriptions and barcodes for one or more programs created for each part. They don't scan the barcode from the part as it is some completely different number with lots of other information. They just scan the applicable barcode in the folder.
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        I use operator mode and set the default search path to an operator programs folder. The operator hits a file open hot key, then scans the barcode for the program.

        Inspect works well for this as well, Inspect bogs down my computer so I don't use it, not sure if its the settings I have, old computer or whatever, but operator mode works fine for my purposes


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          2017 R2 has something called (Bar Code Creator) Anyone know anything about it? I just now discovered it looking for Inspect.
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            You could also run a "main front-end" program and run through your part programs as sub-routines. The only issue with this is it could get complicated fast and turn buggy.


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              ...write your own handler, set the barcode reader to "keyboard mode" (it sends the value of the barcode as text) your app takes that value and opens the partprogram in PC-DMIS.
              PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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