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  • Loop pairs not allowing code insert

    Maybe someone can help with this, I hope. Trying to use Looped Pairs to insert/type this into the edit window on 2017 r2.



    Seems simple but it will NOT allow me to type anything between CASE/0 and END_CASE.


    As soon as I start typing it tries to insert CIRCULAR_RUNOUT and won't let me type in what I want. It won't let me paste either. I am on an offline seat and have full permissions. It does this with any code that I try and it does it in every program I opened. What am I doing wrong?


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    Maybe you are missing the 'frame' for CASE - the SELECT command. I just did the following in 2019 R2 (the comment was entered entirely by keyboard after the 'framework' had been created):

                    Please Edit Comment Text!
    Edit: It seems you can't create a FEAT command with the keyboard, maybe that's your problem?
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    • Schrocknroll
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      Editing a comment
      You start typing MEAS for measured feature, then with the TAB it will turn into a point. Then you have to override it into a circle and edit it from there.

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    There's three different types of feature constructions:
    -Auto features (BLUE icons): which are best used with CAD, and mostly automate the task of ensuring all vectors are normal to surfaces, I use these primarily.

    -Measured features (GREEN icons), which are features you generate by either probing the part with the machine or by clicking on cad virtually when you are in 'program mode', these are great for initial alignments or if you have just a quick/small program you need to make. You can also use the "QUICK START" mode under View -> Other Windows -> Quick Start, which will guide you on measured point entry.

    -Constructed features (YELLOW-ish icons), which are features which depend on either a reference to other created feature(s), or are created via a process of defining them using calculated or keyed-in values.

    You can find them by clicking View-> Toolbars -> then selecting the one you want.


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      So … the entire code sections in PC-DMIS' help section won't actually work. Trying to learn to code more than just basics in the program before it gets too busy here. As far as actually doing PC-Dmis programming, I am good on that and do understand about features. I will just look up some of the coding samples here and see if I can re-create/edit them. I know the basics on some of the loops, I understand that they need to be nested and that case info WAS in a do/until and a select/end.select nest but the help section REALLY sucks. No real help at all. Thanks for comments.


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