Find Hole - Issue - 'PROBE MISSED PART'

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  • Find Hole - Issue - 'PROBE MISSED PART'

    I have used FIND HOLE a lot on other machines in different facilities, however for some reason on this ZEISS-Eclipse machine every time the probe goes to sample the hole and "find" it... PCDMIS prompts an error message about missing the part...

    If I stop the program and execute from the same feature without changing anything at all, it works. I dont understand the issue, has anyone else encountered something like this? Find hole 'missing the part'?

    Below is an example screen shot of a recent part ran, anything I put find hole on generates the same error code. always stopping and re executing the program is a pain.

    MACHINE - ZEISS Eclipse
    DMIS 2017 R2

    Find Hole Issue.png

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    Have you tried changing your CHECK distance and percentage? Looks like you have it set to zero in the screen shot.
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      yeah, ive tried different iterations of check distances and still the same thing. Thats an 8 (sorry for image quality)


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        Not sure if this is the same issue but I had a problem and a rolled part that the probe would physically miss the hole if it was rolled too hard and I would get an error. What seemed to fix this for me was take a physical hit as a sample in the area of the hole before the hole in the program. Then when taking the auto feature hole I would put this sample hit in the "relative to" section of the auto feature window.


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          is your avoidance move set to -19, or is that the image quality also?
          instead of "find hole," increasing the prehit/retract distance is much quicker and just as effective.


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            I have the same issue in version 2015.1 on non-HEX machine, and 2000 and 2007 Sheffield Endeavor 9.9.7's...haven't found an answer yet to my issue. I had the occasional "probe missed part" on a couple particular holes in particular programs in version 4.2 on a Sheffield Endeavor, then moved the programs from this machine to a non-Hexagon machine (with pantec controller) and I get random cases of this, and I have programs where they all suddenly stop working...throwing up the same error...which isn't an missed the part because the friggin hole is there it's a failure of the find hole tool....I'm afraid it's because of "find hole" tool's incompatibility with the controller. Sorry no help just wanted to make this known here.


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              What is the percentage value (hard to see). Is it 5 or 0.5?. The default is 1=100%
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                I have this issue on our Sheffield Discovery III, Cordax D-8. Seems the first hole with CENTER findhole property has this issue for me, but after I hit resume it works like it should for the remaining holes. Very weird, I'd love to know more about it but haven't found much on the forums.


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