2019 R2 Issues and Bogging my computer down

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  • 2019 R2 Issues and Bogging my computer down

    Hey all:
    Just got a brand new global 9-12-8. All brand new and working great with 2019 R1 SP4.
    Loaded 2019 R2 and what a memory hog.This version lags, takes forever to populate and excel spreadsheet (that we have had no issues with for years) and the PCDmis to excel wizard
    just will not populate the headers no matter what. Go back to 2019 R1 and no issues. hmmmm.
    Anyone else seeing these issues?. Just curious. A brand new system and machine and to bog like it does. nope. I'll wait for the 1st SP and then give it a spin.
    On another note. The choices for excel are .xls and .xlsx. Found that using .xlsm is the only way for me to transfer my data into my existing sheets.....that is so 2000's.
    Any ideas?.

    Forge onward

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    Do you work with an english version ?


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      #3 - Don suggests "Reset User" in Settings Editor. Worked for me.


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