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  • 2018 r2 sp8

    •PCD-36046 - Fixed an issue where find hole option would not work with the
    Wenzel interface.
    •PCD-140320 - Fixed an issue where the pointcloud
    cross-section annotation points and profile dimension arrow colors did not match in some cases.
    Inspection routines also need to use the "NO FIT" algorithm for all Pointcloud Cross Section Dimension Profiles.
    •PCD-150627 - Fixed an issue where the measurement routine stopped at the first COP/OPER,EMPTY command when you executed an offline
    measurement routine in simulation mode.
    •PCD-151917 - Fixed a STEP file issue where holes in surfaces were tessellated incorrectly and appear closed.
    •PCD-153098 - Fixed an issue with the Romer Absolute RA8 arm where no sound occurred when you selected the Beeping on check box for the
    •PCD-156784 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you used a 4 bit-per-pixel bitmap for the CAD texture.
    •PCD-158714 - Fi xed an issue where offline pointcloud simulation did not work for the Quick Scan execution.
    •PCD-161965 - Fixed an issue where a scan was simulated when the scan command was created but not inserted at the right position.
    •PCD-162745 - Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when you selected the colormap function from the Pointcloud or Mesh Operator
    dialog box after the selection of another function.
    •PCD-162816 - Corrected an issue for the AT-960 Tracker with a T-Probe where the A button would take hits indefinitely when you set the
    measurement mode to either Continuous Distance or Continuous Time.
    You can now start and stop the continuous scan.
    •PCD-163006 - Fixed an issue for the Pointcloud Surface Colormap and Pointcloud Point Colormap where the minus tolerance was grayed out.
    •PCD-163768 - Fixed an issue where box-selecting XYZ data missed points.
    •PCD-163895 - Fixed an issue where you found a plane feature nominal on a transformed CAD model that would result in incorrect results.
    •PCD-165061 - Fixed an issue in the mirror operation that could result in an application error.
    •PCD-165512 - F ixed a crash that occurred for a Feature Control Frame Position when 192 or more features were selected.
    •PCD-165593 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS was not responding when you use a star tip.
    •PCD-165693 - Fixed an issue with the Round Slot icon in the feature list.
    •PCD-165719 - Fixed a tessellation issue that affected some planar surfaces.
    •PCD-166088 - Fi xed a tessellation issue that caused spheres to render incorrectly.
    •PCD-166331 - Fixed an issue where the clearplane was drawn in an incorrect location.
    •PCD-166498 - Fixed the move after a 4-axis scan to reflect changes in TS 1.5.
    •PCD-169386 - Fixed an issue where the points went to the wrong surface
    when you picked point pairs in a pointcloud to CAD alignment. This issue
    depended on the view orientation.
    •PCD-169610 - Fixed the rotation of an indexing head in the I++ client.
    •PCD-169660 - Fixed an issue where the lower-level matrix could not be created and the tool changer didn't work properly when new names for the
    X1 probe components were used from the probe.dat file.
    •PCD-169757 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you opened more than one measurement routine after the first one and then closed the
    Optimize Path Workflow dialog box.
    •PCD-169762 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS crashes when you close and reopen measurement routines in automation (Inspect).
    •PCD-169969 - Fixed an issue where a CIR scan didn't work when the machine axes on Leitz machines were redefined.
    •PCD-170387 - Fixed an issue where the I++ server wasn't able to detect indexing wrist angles when the client session started.
    •PCD-170614 - Fixed a Q-DAS Configurator issue where GD&T text was translated.
    •PCD-171670 - Fixed an issue where the rotary table rotation matrix was not applied to transform the laser probe stripes from sensor to machine co-ordinates.
    •PCD-172007 - Fixed the I++ server command FindTool for indexing heads with angles different than zero.
    •PCD-172202 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS did not obey marked set output settings when it executed a marked set.
    •PCD-173264 - Fixed a timer functionality for the CMM-OS interface.
    •PCD-173687 - Fixed an issue that occurred when you executed toolkit module features.
    •PCD-173892 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you edited the FCF Profile of a line.