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  • Q-Das Setup - Help

    Looking for some help with Q-Das if possible.

    I'm awaiting support some support from Hexagon but can't get anyone until start of October.

    I've been working on implementing SPC into manufacturing processes in my company. Currently I'm using Datapage for monitoring my processes.

    We have got a CMM which has had a new controller installed and also have been given a 6 month trial of Q-Das.

    Has anyone got any experience or any setup documents which could help me get the ball rolling to see if Q-Das is worth while pursuing.

    I will be implementing it, if it works, onto other products. the current process i want to trial it on is checking a pallet of 4 parts (all the same part). I currently do this using Datapage and it works fine. But have been asked to look into running them through this new machine which doesn't have Datapage, hence why I'm asking for some help on the setup front.

    if anyone has anything or can provide some help i would really appreicate it

    Best Regards


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    I was shown a presentation on this yesterday and it looks very powerful. I have no hands on experience with Q-DAS, but maybe this link will help --> https://learning.hexagonmi.com/catalog/?id=12757 . Or follow the ONLINE TRAINING link on this site.


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      Hello James,

      I will be happy to help setup Q-DAS with your PC-DMIS programs. For any questions, please contact me via email: [email protected]

      Best Regards,


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