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  • Move speed during calibration

    Hey guys. It's been a while since I've been on. Good to be back.

    We got a new Global S installed a couple months ago and it seems like the move speed is extremely slow during probe changes and calibration. I'm sure it's a setting somewhere but I've never dealt with a brand new machine.

    How do I change the move speed during probe changes and during calibration?

    Thanks in advance?

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    Really, I guess, what is the ideal move/touch speed for calibration?


    • AndersI
      AndersI commented
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      Touch speed: The same as you're measuring with.
      Move speed: Whatever you like.

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    You may be dealing with a DOCKING speed issue as well. This is controlled in the tool changer. Your CMM moves to the "docking Location " when it gets the loadprobe command. This is set to where ever you want it really, then when the machine gets to this location, its in tool change "mode' and it is using the docking speed command.


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      So when it moves from its' "safe position" to the probe changer it's super slow. Will changing the docking speed change this or will that only change the speed that it drops off and picks up a probe?


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        There is normally a movespeed/touchspeed command within your program AND the same movespeed/touchspeed within the calibration dialog box itself. As stated earlier keep touchspeed the same within the program and during calibration.


        • Jambo The Rambo
          Jambo The Rambo commented
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          Also do you see a "slow" movespeed during calibration and probe change and/or during actually running a part? Could be when the machine was installed they set your speed parameters to absolute and you may run percentages, OR vise-versa. F5-Part/Machine tab will tell you this.

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        Gotcha. Thanks everyone.


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