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  • protection from canceling program execution

    Hi guys I have a problem with mysteriously stopped program executions.

    We have a shop-floor measurement room where we program the routines and the people from production run their parts.
    They don’t program themselves they just run the programs in protected mode.
    They have 3 shifts and per shift multiple people there are using the machine.
    Now it happened already a few times that I got a call that the execution has stopped and I have to go out and figure out why.
    Every time I go there the execution window is not open. Therefore I can’t see any error message.
    I can see the program did not ran through as the probe is not at the correct position and also not all features have been measured.
    The program runs for 4.5h hours so when the program stops randomly that is a big time loss.

    Now I have the following questions:
    1) Is there a possibility, to see in a log file, if the execution has stopped because of a user hitting the cancel button or if it was because of an error?
    2) Is there a possibility to protect the execution from being cancelled by the user except for the big e-stop?
    3) Is it possible to lock windows while pc-dmis is running?

    Thank you for your input.


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    The FDCPanelApp has an error log in it. I don't think it will record if the program was stopped manually by a user though


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      talk with your local sales rep about Hexagon SFx. (it's FREE!)
      I am not sure if it will specifically track when a routine is cancelled, but it will definitely track when a routine starts, and if it is cancelled it will track when it ends early.


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        There are some settings in Settings Editor to remove buttons from the Execution dialog. I don't remember right now what they are called.
        SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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