Symmetry measurement of slot in cylinder

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  • Symmetry measurement of slot in cylinder

    Print interpretation is AMSE Y14.5M 1994. The attached is a sketch (sorry for hand drawn symmetry call out). I am holding the cylinder vertically using a magnetic v and stand so the slot is up, flat cut side away from V. Taking hits to establish a circle approx. 3" up from bottom and also just below the slot (but above the area with the long flat machined plane. I leveled to top (end of cyl.), rotated to a line taken horizontally across machined plane & origin at a constructed cylinder of two circles. For symmetry I tried both doing opposing points inside the slot & also creating two planes (one on either side). I have only worked with the inside slot so far, but I must be doing something wrong with the opposing points as it is a very large (2.XXX )number. When I dimension for symmetry I am only using -A- (center of constructed cylinder) My questions are 1) Is this the right approach to finding symmetry? OR am I way off course ? 2) should I be rotating to that plane or is it irrelevant? 3)Should I be constructing more circles to construct the cylinder 4)Not critical if creating planes on the features works , but any clue what I might be doing wrong with points ? It is after alignment and just taking point on one side of slot, moving straight across and taking another .. moving in X or Z and repeating until I have 8-10 20190824104558434.pdf

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    Take the plane from the upper plane, rotate the head angle, take 2 circles, rotate the other, lock with the logic of 3-2-1.
    With 3-2-1 you can get very accurate results in a very simple way.
    symmetry in "cylinder-line-line" with you can dimensioning.
    My English is very bad so I hope I understand the problem well. I'm sorry, good work.


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      Thank you Ahmet, I wasn't sure if it would be better practice to measure multiple circles to get a more exact cylinder


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