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  • Adding Material Thickness Issue

    Measuring a sheet metal part and having an issue adding material thickness. To clarify my CAD is full (includes material thickness). I am measuring one side of the part but need to report the opposite side. The material is 1 MM thick. I enter -1 for theo material thickness and the nominal changes to the desired value. The issue is that the measured value is not reflecting the additional 1 MM. To test I dimensioned the feature after measurement and also created a point on the measured side with no material thickness adjustment and measured and dimensioned it. I am getting the same measured value for both but the features have different nominal values. TIA for any help here.

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    I am not @ the CMM to test but unless the function was changed with newer versions, you need to enter the "Actual" to automatically subtract the material thick (1.0 mm) per CAD.
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      I could not get it to work correctly using "theo". I just recently programmed a part where I only had CAD for the bottom surface and I used "theo" and added a positive material thickness. It worked great.

      For this part I had to end up using "actual" with a positive value for the thickness and got the desired result. I would have expected to have to have used a negative value. Something doesn't seem right as for this part as I explained before when using "theo" and a negative value the nominal reflected what I wanted but the material thickness wasn't being added to the measured result.

      Thanks Roberto for your reply.


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