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  • Show probe in pan/rotate mode

    Is there a setting so that you can still see the probe even when you are not in learn mode? I'm programming offline and seeing the probe length to scale relative to the cad model would be tremendously helpful as I'm rotating the model to view features, but the only time I can guarantee 100% that the probe will be visible is in learn mode. Thanks in advance!


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    You will need to load a CMM to see the probe all the time. Place the cursor after the loadprobe command and go to Insert | Hardware Definition | Machine. Then select the CMM that is closest to yours and click OK.

    If you are using 2016 or earlier, you can then put the cursor on the Loadmachine command and press F9 to bring the list back up. Then select No Machine and click OK. This will keep the Loadmachine command but it will only display the probe head.

    I just tried this in 2018 and it seems to work. Put the cursor after the tip rotation command. Hit enter to get a new line.
    Then type Loadm and it should auto-fill Loadmachine/No Machine.

    I thought I tried this in the past and it didn't work, but now it is. I prefer this over loading a full virtual CMM because the body of the CMM gets in the way a lot.
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    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      Works in 2019R1 as well.

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