GD&T Settings Resetting to Default After Execution (True Position)

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  • GD&T Settings Resetting to Default After Execution (True Position)

    All of my FAIRs and FIRs are bubbled such that the True Position and Size are two different bubbles and require two different labeled dimensional readouts on my reports; thus, I make separate dimensions for size (diameter in this case) and true position. The problem i'm running into is my reports have information that shows up twice since the true position dimensions by default output x,y,z, Datum Size(probably only with a MMC call out, which is the case here), and Feature Size when the only output I want is the position: I've unchecked the boxes shown in the attached picture, but when I execute my program it re-checks them for me.
    Am I doing something wrong or is this another 'enhancement'?
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    You can right click in the Report Window, on the Size part of the Position label, and select Hide Selected Labels. The Size part will disappear, leaving a white space which will also disappear after a refresh of the report. You can also hide the Summary part, if you want.

    Note: This only changes the report for the current program - if you always, absolutely always, want to have them hidden you can edit the label template instead, but that's best left for another forum thread.

    Before Hide

    After Hide of Size and Summary
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      Will this stay for all future reports in the current program? (assuming I don't change it)

    • AndersI
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      Yes. You can delete the modifications with File -> Reporting -> Clear Template Associated Data

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    A note though, LOCation dimensions might not state the same as the dimensions used in the TP. I would very much want the coordinates from the TP to display together with the TP just for that reason alone when looking at "other peoples" reports. LOC != TP.

    Just my 2 SEK.
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