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  • 2018r1-sp9

    Release Notes - 2018 R1 SP9

    PCD-100898 -
    Fixed an issue where specific manual measured contact
    slotfeatures did not completely execute.

    PCD-144409 -
    Fixed an issue where the incorrect vector appeared when a
    second free-form plane was created.

    PCD-151917 -
    Fixed a STEP file issue where holes in surfaces were tessellated
    incorrectly and appear closed.

    PCD-163823 -
    Fixed an issue where the Done button on the jog box did not
    work when both arms executed a manual feature in a dual-arm measurement routine.

    PCD-165061 -
    Fixed an issue in the mirror operation that could result in an
    application error.

    PCD-165593 -
    Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS was not responding when you
    use a star tip.

    PCD-165636 -
    Fixed an issue where the outlier filter didn't always properly
    filter Vision Line features if those features were in a subroutine.

    PCD-165719 -
    Fixed a tessellation issue that affected some planar surfaces.

    PCD-166030 -
    Fixed an issue with the Leica AT901 Tracker where the machine
    connection and target recognition were both okay, but it would not take hits.

    PCD-166088 -
    Fixed a tessellation issue that caused spheres to render incorrectly.

    PCD-169660 -
    Fixed an issue where the lower-level matrix could not be
    created and the tool changer didn't work properly when new names for the X1 probe components were used from the probe.dat file.

    PCD-169762 -
    Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS crashes when you close and
    reopen measurement routines in automation (Inspect).

    PCD-169969 -
    Fixed an issue where a CIR scan didn't work when the machine
    axes on Leitz machines were redefined.

    PCD-170614 -
    Fixed a Q-DAS Configurator issue where GD&T text was translated.

    PCD-171670 -
    Fixed an issue where the rotary table rotation matrix was not
    applied to transform the laser probe stripes from sensor to machine coordinates.


  • #2
    So why is there a 2018 R2 SP7 and 2018 R1 SP9 both being updated around the same time?
    I thought the reason for a new release, R2 vs R1, is that it is the latest and the greatest version of that years release. What would be the reason to keep using R1 with the latest SP instead of R2 with the latest SP? Is it to keep it compatible with an SMA that was good when R1 was released but expired when R2 was released, or are there other differences?

    I'm not being snarky or difficult, I'm genuinely curious.

    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



    • KIRBSTER269
      KIRBSTER269 commented
      Editing a comment
      Well I know that there is a layout difference, in Xactmeasure between the 2 , but haven't seen really anything else different

    • Don Ruggieri
      Don Ruggieri commented
      Editing a comment
      to keep it compatible with an SMA that was good when R1 was released but expired when R2 was released,

      Some companies settle on a major version, 2018 R1 for example, and their policies prevent them from advancing so easily, but service packs are more readily accepted.  We want them to have access to the best available for that version.

    • Schrocknroll
      Schrocknroll commented
      Editing a comment
      Don Ruggieri Thanks, that's kind of what I was assuming. Upgrading versions here is kind of a big deal. We have to get IT to do it and we try to upgrade all 5 CMMs and 4 offline seats upgraded at the same time. Thankfully SMAs aren't the problem as we keep ours up to date.

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