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    On the new homepage there is a toggle that gives me the option to open a program offline after I select a program to open. The question/issue is that it is grayed out so I can only open it online from the homepage. I can select the open icon on the homepage and it opens up the open dialog box (like the older versions of DMIS) and I can open it offline that way but why is the offline toggle grayed out on the homepage?

    Also, I saw earlier that there was going to be option for a dark mode. Did that get incorporated into this version or is it still on hold?

    As a personal note, I like R2. The program (at least for me) gets more and more sable as newer versions come out. I really like the drag and drop cad import. We take the native CATIA or UG files and convert them to STEP files and import them and since I am required to have the native CAD file open as well, CAD import is much faster now seeing as I am already in that particular folder.
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    I'm not sure why offline is not enabled on Home Page. It may specific to your license - can you send me a private message with your license EID (assuming you have LMS)?

    Dark Theme development didn't get finished, so that capability got hidden for 2019 R2 release - but it will be available for 2020 R1 - along with some other Home Page improvements.

    Thanks for the feedback


    • A-machine-insp
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      Message incoming. Thank you.

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    I see the "Open Online" toggle, and can change it, but is has absolutely no effect. The same goes for "Include CAD" - possible to toggle, no effect. Build #205.
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    • sealevel
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      Not that it's a contest, but I have 10 versions.... but only installed @ home (for reference). 2 versions is more than enough mischief while @ work!

    • AndersI
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      Not that it's a contest, but I have 29 more, each in a VM (virtual machine) of its own. I believe I have most versions since 3.7.

    • A-machine-insp
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      Sure sounds like a contest to me...

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