2016 Operator Mode - Can somebody recreate this?

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  • 2016 Operator Mode - Can somebody recreate this?

    I opened PC-DMIS 2016 operator mode to test it out. I loaded a program, "ran" the program offline, File - Close, opened the program again, viewed the report, File - Exit. My whole PC shut down.

    Can somebody with 2016 try this? It is very odd...

    EDIT: I guess Operator Mode just shuts down PC any time you choose File - Exit?
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    I believe it does by default - I think there's a setting (in the setting''s editor) which can disable this however. Can't remember what it's called though.
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    • JacobCheverie
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      OK, I will take a look. Thank you.

    • CodeWarrior
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      I use Operator Mode and this happened to me. You're correct it is in the settings editor to disable it

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    Correct, it does that by default. Apparently, having a Word document open will prevent the PC from shutting down.
    Not familiar with the setting to prevent it (without a Word document open) though.
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      Just in case anybody is wondering, I have found the setting.

      Settings Editor - FileMan - OMLogout. Change this to False and PC-DMIS will exit without logging out of Windows.


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