windows 10 and updates installed and then resarting during cmm run

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  • windows 10 and updates installed and then resarting during cmm run

    can anyone help me with the issue we are having here with windows 10 updates and restarts the computer while the machine is running, my IT guy says he can't stop it.

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    Turn off auto-updates for windows. Have your IT people (or you or someone dc how) keep track of when your windows seat needs to be updated.

    You can't make windows "look" to see if PC DMIS is currently running and then make it decide not to update based off of that.
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      You should be able to turn off your automatic updates / restarts through the Windows System Preferences. We had that issue a long time ago, but it would give us a warning and time limit... we shut that off.


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        If you're cheap, and running Windows 10 Home Edition I think it's impossible to turn off updates. If you're running Windows 10 Professional, I'd have to say your IT-person isn't… (it could be a policy question of course, but I'd question that policy) -

        If your IT-person is not allowed to change those settings the only solution I can think of is to remove the network cable while running a part program.
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