Saving 2019 to V4.3- Won't open 4.3

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  • Saving 2019 to V4.3- Won't open 4.3

    I am trying to save PC-Dmis 2019R1 to 4.3. I have 2 offline seats of 2019 but am trying to open on our 7-10-7 Excel machine at 4.3 which is under a different license and it errors out every time saying "send error report".. Has anyone encountered this before? How do I open the file. I am downgrading it to 4.3 in 2019 when I save.

    I have tried to import into 4.3 through DMIS scripts and have not had any luck as it reverts the nominals on features. They duplicate halfway down the program.

    Has anyone encountered this when using two different licenses? One for the new offline programming and a 10+ year old one with a 7-10-7. They seem to not mesh.


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    yes when you try to save that far back things get skrewed up.What I have done in the past is first save it back to 2015 or 2013 then open it in that version you saved it back to and then save it back to 4.3.I have done this several times for other customers when I have had to write programs for them....
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      You're gonna have lots and lots of issues trying to back save 11 versions, and a lot of them you won't may not even notice. I remember one back save I did that actually changed the sign on the pitch for auto circles and cylinders, didn't notice for many months. I also had issues with radially defined planes turning into rectangularly defined planes.


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        Usually.... When you backsave, you'll get a warning that program will work, but features in the later version will not work in the old version. NB.
        Another subtle nuance is after you backsave to 4.3, (and lower left says save succeeded) do not then closed it. QUIT the program. Demon has a habit of LAST saving it in the version you're backsaving from even though you told it to backsave..
        The old license shouldn't bark about opening a backsaved 4.3 program....however am not sure if new license is CAD++ and old guy is CAD pro. Am pretty sure any backsaved scans would choke..
        Good luck..... as RJ said.... thats a lot of years between Demons!


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          You could try saving it to v42.


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