2019R2__Probe display issue__Am I missing a setting or is this a bug?

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  • 2019R2__Probe display issue__Am I missing a setting or is this a bug?

    Update 8/21/19:

    I still have the issue. Hex remoted into my computer yesterday. Here's what happened-->

    1) Since 2019R1 still works for me.. went into 2019R1 Settings Editor, saved those settings, then sucked those settings into Settings Editor for 2019R2. We then re-opened 2019R2 and the issue was still there. Tech then restored my original settings since this didn't fix it.
    2) Went into my C/ drive and deleted the GBRSTAT (whatever the heck that is..I have no idea..), deleted the file that controls my saved window layouts, as well as deleted the file that controls my custom toolbars. We then reopened 2019 R2 and the issue was still there.
    3) Tech was able to confirm that there isn't a graphic window switch that we're all missing..there is no "radial probe compensation" toggle for the graphics display window
    4) Tech made note of the fact that I made this post on the forum and that michaelwildschutz was able to duplicate my issue.
    5) Tech said this definitely looks like a graphics bug. Said they're going to send this to the developers and hopefully this can be addressed in the next service pack.

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    Description of issue-->

    Using 2019 R2...

    After I Import a stp file, every time I click on a surface and try to make an autofeature...the probe is being visibly sucked into the model by exactly the radial value of the ball.
    For example:
    Green surface is X0 with the correct vector..but as you can see the probe doesn't look right. My prehit & retract are set to 0.0001 for programming purposes and I have verified that there are no depth, avoidance, sample, or void moves messing me up...and I'm still into my model on my screen. =(


    If I open the same program that looks messed up but in 2019 R1, everything works & looks fine. If I run the 2019R2 program online on the CMM, everything RUNS fine but the probe still looks burried in the model on the screen.


    Is there a "add/subtract ball radius" setting or something for the graphic display window setting that I can't find & never knew existed?? Or is this a bug? Anyone else seeing this?
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    I've got 2018R1 sp6 open now. Clicking on cad with an Autopoint puts the centroid of the probe sphere exactly at the retract endpoint. not the radius of the sphere. seems to be working as it should. Set your retract to normal, and feel better?

    Update: I set my prehit/retract to 0.0001 and Auto vector point does visibly show the radius of the probe touching the cad, not piercing it. maybe it is a visual glitch.
    IMHO if the demon works, but looks a bit funky, count your blessings instead of dwelling on the quirks. it could be worse of a bug lol.
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    • DAN_M
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      It isn't working as it should (on my end). You must not have understood my question.

    • DAN_M
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      My prehit and retract stay at 0.0001 while programming so I can know where my ball is at all times and at the end of the program I go back and edit my parameters.

    • louisd
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      I know where my balls are at all times, even with prehit/retract at 0.1 :-P

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    i was able to duplicate what you are seeing as well
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    • DAN_M
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      darn =/ alright thanks

    • rjurca
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      I can duplicate this also. I have seen the ticket from tech support and it is being looked into.

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    Seems like a bug in 2019 R2.

    Move points are probe center, as there is no surface to give a direction, but PC-DMIS seems to have 'special cased' the prehit/retract point. Earlier versions used the surface vector for the adjustment, but 2019 R2 seems to be using the probe direction. I tested with a MOVE point and a VECTOR POINT at the same coordinates to see the effect. I don't know if it is a GW problem only, or if the execution also is affected.
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      I thought the 2019 R2 release was going to be the dogs bollocks with all fixes listed and got truly impressed.
      The SMA is the most expensive shitsandwich subscription ever.

      Be right back, need to take this call from (xxx) xxx-xxx.

      Numbers are changed to avoid permaban.
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      • louisd
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        shameless plug there vpt?

      • vpt.se
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        Good catch there louisd

        Better change it before I get permabanned. But, yeah - who knows, it might be my new business partner if this fiasco keeps up.

      • DAN_M
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        When talking about our SMA..an old boss asked me "Why does something that costs so much money need to have so many fixes every time it's released?"

        ^^The one and only time I couldn't help him answer a question

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