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  • Regenerate a scan

    Optiv 443 Dual Z, I have a program that uses the CWS light to scan several surfaces.
    One of the scans shows 0 hits, and won't scan. Why is this happening, and how can I fix it?
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    Are you running through a DME interface or strictly PC-DMIS? With a probing system I will typically have to check probe comp/cad comp and the tolerance associated with the scan. Not sure on settings for vision.

    Also, sometimes I will get lucky by pressing F9 on the scan, navigating to Path Definition, and reclicking Generate.


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      Thanks Jacob. Strictly PC-DMIS. I'll try the "probe comp/cad comp and the tolerance". PCD crashes when I try F9 - Generate. Haven't I seen you on the Calypso forum?


      • JacobCheverie
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        OK, I have a lot of those issues running PC-DMIS through DME on our Zeiss. Hence seeing me on Calypso forum. We use both softwares. Check your start/end points as @Martjin mentioned. And if it is crashing on you, maybe try deleting/recreating the scan?

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      Looks like your start and end point are the same in X and Y so it don't move



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