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  • Reporting cone angles

    I searched the forum and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. We are running 2019, and it is still new to us. I need to report a cone half angle. older versions had a radio button in the angle box. I don't see that in this angle box. Is there a way to report cone angle that I am just missing? Did it get moved in this (or recent previous) edition? Is it located somewhere else?

    Or is there a different method of getting that half cone?

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    It's in the location dimension, not the angle dimension. There is a checkbox for "A" and another checkbox for "Half angle", check both of those and you'll be good to go


    • michaelwildschutz
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      Can you take a screen shot of this and post it here.I have never seen this half angle button that you are talking about.
      Never mind I found it...I can not believe that I have never noticed that
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    Check your tolerances after you go to half angle, it will change your tolerance to half also.


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      Thanks guys!! Perfect!!


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